Class 5 Felony in Virginia

In Virginia, there are different forms of felonies, which are designated into six types of classes. Class 1 refers to those felonies, which bears most serious punishments for the offenders, whereas Class 5 carries least severe punishments. Class 5 felonies include bribery, maiming of animals, sexual assault, drug abuse, and hit and run case. Those offenders whose crime fall under the Class 5 felony in Virginia are bound to suffer maximum 10 years of penitentiary along with a fine of as much as $2,500.

Whether your case is of serious nature or not, you may suffer adverse consequences once, you are charged with Class 5 felony. You will be issued arrest warrants from police authorities and you will be called continually for court trials. Even if your case is resolved before jail sentence, your name will be registered as a public offender in the records of state agencies, which will negatively, affect your life. You will remain devoid of having certain civil rights for a particular period. There is a risk of committing Class 5 felony in Virginia that you will not be employed for a job and you will suffer mental disturbance for a long time.

It is essential for the one to know what type of crime he has committed because each crime has a different range of conviction. It is also needed to know if their crime is labelled as a felony or a misdemeanor. Sometimes even minor misdemeanors are considered as major felonies, because the former carries less punishment. The people who possess bad criminal records and charge again with a Class 5 felony in Virginia, the court sometimes declare their death sentence. It is not necessary that felonies be charged by the police department of the state. Even detectives and prosecutors can charge the accused by either issuing arrest warrants or presenting their case before a legal jury.

In a state where crimes are prevalent despite the execution of laws, escape from conviction is a wild go choose. Therefore, if you deem yourself innocent and have been charged with a Class 5 felony in Virginia, you should seek consultation of a good defense lawyer. You can find a great many criminal lawyers who provide support to the accused in his case. It is impossible for you to step into a plea bargain with the prosecutor because the latter strives to prove culpability against you. On the other hand, a criminal lawyer is able to comprehend your case and establish strong evidences against prosecution.

Some of the crimes fall under Class 5 felony in Virginia does not perpetually affect your daily life; many others may adversely affect your life. Obviously, if you are, found being charged with a sexual assault, your reputation will be defamed and you will be unable to face your friends and family. Taking into consideration the results of the above convictions, you are recommended to hire a professional criminal lawyer who will represent your case in a legal manner. By hiring a defense lawyer, your social and professional life will not be maligned and your reputation around your surrounding will remain sustained.