Fine for Driving With Expired Registration in Virginia

If a police officer has handed you a ticket in Virginia than it is important for you to make sure about what you are charged with. Virginia is strict in dealing with their traffic violation related to speeding. In order to curb the increase accidents due to speeding in Virginia, the law enforcement authorities have even increased the traffic regulations and fine.

The most important features of buying a new car in Virginia is to make sure that your car is registered with the Virginia motor vehicle department.

The people who are new to Virginia are often found complaining about the harsh driving laws of Virginia. There are plenty of reasons argued by the people of Virginia and surrounding states. The most common arguments are as follows:

  1. For ensuring the safety of the citizens
  2. Due to vast differences in the infrastructure of the state.
  3. Political benefits: Strict laws are sign of involvement in security of citizen which will keep a positive image of the legislators
  4. Financial benefits to state: Nearly every year many people are given a reckless driving ticket. The fine for reckless driving is huge

What are the penalties for driving with expired registration in Virginia?

A fine of $10 for not providing the cop the driving license or registration. The penalties for being caught for driving with an expired registration are dealt according to Virginia Code 46.2. Section 46.2-600 of motor vehicle, titled as Owner to secure registration and certificate of title or certificate of ownership

What are the Vehicle Registration Requirements?

  1. Virginia vehicle title
  2. Liability insurance
  3. Payment and renewal of the Uninsured Motor Vehicle (UMV)
  4. An emissions certificate.

Penalties for driving with a suspended driving license 

Felony charges are applied if you are driving with an already suspended license.

Felony charged is much harsh then Class 1 misdemeanor:

  1. Imprisonment for a maximum period of 5 years
  2. Fine up to $2500 along with the court’s fee.
  3. Suspension of the driving license for 1 year

What causes suspension of driving license?

  1. Reckless driving generally (mentioned in Virginia Code 46.2 – 852)
  2. Reckless driving by speeding (mentioned in Virginia Code 46.2 – 862)
  3. Reckless driving in the Parking Lots (mentioned in Virginia Code section 46.2-864)
  4. Recklessly Passing a stopped school bus (mentioned in Virginia Code section 46.1-859)
  5. Recklessly Driving a faulty vehicle (mentioned in Virginia Code section 46.2-853)
  6. Recklessly Driving Next to a vehicle in same Lane (mentioned in Virginia Code section 46.2-857)
  7. Recklessly crossing a dangerous curve (mentioned in Virginia Code section 46.2-854)
  8. Recklessly crossing a Railroad Crossing (mentioned in Virginia Code section 46.2-858)
  9. Speeding on the Highway or ignoring the current traffic Conditions irrespective of the current speed limit (mentioned in Virginia Code section 46.2-861)
  10. Recklessly Driving an overloaded vehicle (mentioned in Virginia Code section 46.2-855)
  11. Recklessly Driving and not Yielding correct Way (mentioned in Virginia Code section 46.2-868)
  12. Recklessly Driving and not giving proper Signal on highway (mentioned in Virginia Code section 46.2-860)
  13. Recklessly Passing two Vehicles in a single lane (mentioned in Virginia Code section 46.2-856)

How can the Tickets in Virginia Affect the Driver’s License and record 

  1. The Virginia motor department can take administrative procedures against your driving privileges.
  2. The Virginia motor department can suspend the credential for a period of time
  3. The Virginia motor department can give you negative points on your driving record
  4. The Virginia motor department can suspend driver’s license
  5. The Virginia motor department will ask the driver to complete a course from traffic school again.