Perjury Laws In VA

Under the laws of Virginia, perjury is the act which is taken intentionally by the person who states a wrong statement, under oath. However, this perjury is also considered the biggest crime in Virginia and to manipulate the law, the government decided to transform perjury law, in fact, to further protect innocent ones.

However, if a person is proven guilty in charge of wrong or lied statement which he also did intentionally, then he will get a serious punishment under the perjury law in Virginia.

Also, if you found yourself in such cases and you did it unintentionally, then you need to hire a professional defense lawyer on behalf to further protect your image and reputation ahead.

How To Proof If Someone Did Perjury?

To prove perjury, you should show to the court that this person deliberately lied under oath. Since this is regularly extremely hard to further proof perjury cases, as they are not easy to prove. On the off chance that you have a strong feeling that somebody has submitted perjury, gathered as much data and evidence you can and contact law enforcement as hurry as you can.

How Long Can A Person Stay In Jail After Committing Perjury?

A person who is also proven guilty of committing perjury under the federal law may face up to imprison for almost five years including fines as well. However, the perjury punishment is stated under the law of the place where the oath has been taken.  Although, the perjury is considered in case of a felony and offers a possible stay in prison of at least one to two year, plus the person needs to pay the fines and probation.

What Is The Common And Reliable Charge For Perjury?

When a person is lying under oath, this is called “Perjury a criminal offense.” A perjury charge is a common crime in which people make false or wrong statements intentionally under the oath system. Also, if a person states the wrong allegation or submits a false statement in police records, he will also get punished under the law of perjury in Virginia. But though, if you are innocent and record false statement unintentionally, then you may need to hire a professional defense lawyer as soon as possible to make your name dismissed from the record.

What Kind Of Punishments Will Happen If You Involve In Perjury

The kind of punishments for perjury cases are depending upon the area and place where the wrong/false statement has been taken. Though, there would be two kinds of categories involved in the perjury cases include:

  • Misdemeanor
  • Felony

In Misdemeanor, you may charge a year in jail with the potential number of fines as well. Though, in a felony, a person may charge imprison more than a year and also with the big number of fines.

However, perjury is a case of a serious offense, and its punishment can follow the person for many years. If you are suffering perjury charges, contact the Law Offices in Virginia.