Prince William Virginia Protective Orders Laws

A protective order is also known as restarting order. This protective order is notice that is signed by the judge of the court in case of preventing any person from being abusing by another person or the number of persons as well. I can be the family member, colleague or partner of a victim. By depending on the nature and type of protective order the magistrate or the judge can sign it to provide a protection to the victim. They may be also served by the police or law enforcement. If you or your child is going through a domestic violence then you should go with it to get a defense and to ensure that the orders are occurring for violations. This order is really important to prevent you from further abusing acts. Prince William Virginia Protective orders laws will help you to know more about the protection in this case.

Orders’ Length:

In Emergency protective order the time period is exact 72 hours and there is no law or rules and regulation that can increase or decrease this time period.

On the other hand, the preliminary protective order from the court can stay for two weeks but this protection order can be extended if the person is connected to any criminal act which is associated with this protective order. In the case of criminal charges completion, the protection order can be extended

Requirement Of Protective Order:

  • One of the most important things is that during protective order the person must need to stay away from contacting petitioner person. In this case, they do not contact with that person.
  • The situation where might be the kids are involved the protective order may provide a custody to provide complete protection to the victim.

Modification in The Protective Order:

The way of modification involves, that a person who is complaining must go to the court in front of the judge and seeks to have those terms changes.

Moreover, it can also be extended or modified if the witness goes to the court and seek to have that done. In this situation, the modification can be possible.

Violations Of Protective Order:

Prince William Virginia Protective orders laws are very strict in providing the great protection to the victims. This order is definitely from the court in which the court warns a person that they should stop to do certain things with any person. If the person will not follow the order and try to violate it in any way whether it’s a minor way or a big way, in this way they might be facing a distinct or criminal charge. These things can be simple such as sending a text message or giving a phone call that may become a criminal charge. If the person still violates the rules and regulations they will face a plenty in face of paying a heavy fine or arrested as a criminal.