The reckless driving violation in Henrico, Virginia is a very serious offense. Driving recklessly is one of the major traffic violations and can result in worst situations that can even cause death. When a driver does not follow and disregards the traffic law, the vehicle he is driving can out of control and the driver might not judge the driving procedures properly he drives recklessly. Several psychologists suggested that it is an abnormal mental state, which usually results in life-threatening accidents. The reckless driving violation in Henrico, Virginia is a violation that is never treated with mercy; the offender of reckless driving violation in Henrico, Virginia is punished with imprisonment for a very long time, a heavy amount of fines, or the cancellation of the license of the driver.


The reckless driving violation in Henrico, Virginia is considered as a class one violation and the offender can face the suspension of driving license, can be sentenced to imprisonment for about one year. The offender of reckless driving violation in Henrico, Virginia can also be charged with a fine of about $2,500 and will be given six demerit points.

Under the Virginia Criminal Code section 46.2 – 852 – 63, the charge of reckless driving in Henrico, Virginia could be because of many reasons, but typically because of the following three reasons.

Under the sections 46.2-861 and 46.2-862, excessive speed is one of the most common categories of reckless driving violation. Speeding of 20mph over the actual limit or 80 mph more, it involves in excessive speed and the driver will be guilty of a reckless driving violation.

Driving dangerously on highways and one-way roads also come under reckless driving violation. It can also involve racing, giving improper signals, and other different passing violations.

Losing the control of a vehicle is also a reckless driving violation under section 46.2 – 853. This violation is also known as “faulty brake statue”. But it is specifically applied to any essential system by which a vehicle is being controlled and that needs to get repaired immediately.

If a person is guilty of reckless driving violation without a driver license that is valid and has caused a fatal accident, then this driving violation will come under class 6 felony, and the offender will be punished with the sentence of about one to five years in prison and also will be charged with a fine of about $2,500. Moreover, under the section 46.2-868(B)- (C) if a person is convicted of reckless driving violation or operation of the handheld device, he will be charged with an additional fine of $250.

Reckless driving violation is a kind of offense that can even take someone’s life or can cause severe damages. That is why the Law of Henrico, Virginia has some strict rules against the offenders of reckless driving violation and some serious actions are taken against them. In the law of Henrico, Virginia, no offender of reckless driving violation will be shown any mercy because it is a question of someone’s life. If you have ever been the victim of someone’s reckless driving, you should immediately file a case against them so that the local authorities take actions against the offenders.