Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer in Hanover Virginia

The Hanover court of Virginia has categorized almost twenty different sexual acts that are forbidden and the offenders are punished harshly if any such criminal act is attempted by any individual.

The commonly attempted Sexual assault often involve one or more of the following acts:

  1. Forcible anal intercourse
  2. Forcible Rape
  3. Sexual penetration of a minor under the age of thirteen

If you are unfortunately charged with any sexual assault in Hanover Virginia, you should immediately get in contact with a sex assault defense lawyer in Hanover Virginia. It is Crucial that one should understand the laws of the sexual criminal offense and their respective punishments.

What is Sexual Assault in Hanover Virginia?

Sex crime laws are very complex in Virginia, therefore, it is important for an individual to understand how Hanover Virginia has categorized the sexual assaults and how does the court penalize an offender. Under the title 18.2 of Crimes and Offenses Generally, 4th chapter Crimes Against the Person from Section 18.2 – 61 till the Section 18.2 – 67.10, Virginia law accounts for the all the sexual assaults.

Sexual assault is generally defined as a sexual act committed by the assaulter with the victim either by force or threat. Sexual assault is most violent and traumatic for the victim, hence considering the haunting impacts of sexual assault on the victim, the Hanover Virginia court deals harshly with the sexual offenders.

The Sex assaults in Hanover Virginia are placed into two different categories:

  1. Violent Sexual offenses:
    1. These are harsher sexual offenses where the assaulter uses weapons or penetrates other objects in the victim’s body.
  2. Sexual offenses:
    1. These sexual offenses do not involve any physical contact but they include forbidden acts, such as:
      1. Child pornography
      2. Unlawful photography of adults
  • Unethical sexual acts with minors

Although the penalties differ from case to case and their severity in such scenarios, the offender is not subjected to many harsh penalties.

What are the Penalties for sexual assaults in Hanover Virginia? 

If you are accused of any major or minor sexual offense, you should immediately contact a sexual assault defense lawyer in Hanover Virginia, because it can affect your life badly. The penalties for sexual assault vary with the criminal offenses, such as:

  1. Rape:
    1. Forceful vaginal intercourse with the victim
    2. Punishment charges: Felony
    3. Penalty: lifetime imprisonment
  2. Forcible Sodomy
    1. Forcible sodomy is similar to rape
    2. Imprisonment of minimum 5 years to life imprisonment
  3. Object Animate or Inanimate Sexual Penetration:
    1. This is similar to rape but the victim is subject to an animate or inanimate object while the forceful abuse
    2. Punishment charges: Felony
    3. Penalty: 5 years of imprisonment to life imprisonment
  4. Sexual Battery
    1. Sexual battery means that the assaulter sexually abuses the victim along a forceful threat
  5. Infected Sexual Battery
    1. This is when the abuser is aware of AIDs/HIV virus and still engages in the sexual act with the other person to transmit the virus.
    2. Punishment charges: Felony
    3. Penalty: 1-5 years of imprisonment along with 2500 dollar fine.