What is Solicitation of a Minor?

Solicitation of a minor or a child is when a person gets into a conversation with the minor and asks the minor to meet the requirements regarding any sexual activity or engaging in any kind of sexual activity. Mostly, the solicitation of a minor happens on the internet nowadays where the adults ask the child or tempt him for such acts. Online solicitation is easier for any individual since they don’t see any tracking and don’t care about the outcomes sitting behind the computer, tab or a mobile. Although, most people don’t know about the penalties and long-term consequences and get into it. The cases in Virginia regarding solicitation usually have this issue that the defendant didn’t have an idea about such serious penalties and sentences. Any type of solicitation (mostly online solicitation of a minor) doesn’t require “act” of any sexual activity. If a defendant is involved in it, it doesn’t matter if he has performed such activity or not, being involved in the solicitation is already a crime and contains a serious penalty in every state of the United States especially Virginia.

Solicitation of a Minor in Virginia and its Defense

Solicitation in Virginia has the same definition as around the globe. Although, every state has their different laws and penalties accordingly. If a person is involved in child solicitation in Virginia, then it is directly a felony crime. The code of Virginia has strict laws over child solicitation in any manner. Solicitation in Virginia means no contact between the defendant and the minor, but the defendant has asked the minor for such inappropriate sexual activities. It will need the proof whether the contact was made between the minor or the defendant or not. The word ‘minor’ means a child who is under 18 and isn’t allowed to be involved in sexual activities and if a person provokes the child, then it will be called child solicitation or solicitation of a minor as per the Virginia law. The attempt to provoke a kid under the age of 18 is a crime in Virginia. As it is a felony charge according to the law of Virginia, it will leave the defendant into the sex offender category for the rest of his life (highly possible).

If you think you are mistakenly being asked for child solicitation by the law enforcement agencies, then you can immediately ask any attorney or consult a lawyer for the help. Consultation in any matter is free of cost, and the lawyer will guide you the better way for the case. Solicitation of a minor case can be fought if the person reaches the attorney at the right time. It would be better if the investigation starts after the meeting with the attorney so he will keep your case stable and mostly in favor of you.